Barry Lee

Press & Talks


Mailchimp: Love Is The Message

“It’s Atlanta Pride week, an annual celebration of our hometown’s LGBTQIA communities that culminates every year in a raucous parade down Peachtree Street to Piedmont Park. This will be the 48th Atlanta Pride, and Mailchimp is excited to be part of the parade for the 5th year running.”


ArtsATL: Barry Lee

“There are relationships between my illustration work and this new body of art. The humor, color, exaggeration, sarcasm and absurdity are projected through my own soul.”


Rigby Ink: Barry Lee

“I made the table only to flip it. I made work that was super approachable, friendly and edible and palatable to people. People responded really well to that and I gained an audience. I use that platform to challenge an audience. I think that’s what we have to do. Challenge an audience that is used to expecting one thing from us and let them know what we think.”


Creative Mornings: Survival

“Just Because I am different from you does not mean I owe you an explanation for my difference.”