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Barry Lee is an Atlanta based artist & illustrator who specializes in whimsical worlds full of bright pinks and yellows. Whether he's painting murals, drawing up illustrations for a magazine or designing parade balloons - Lee inserts a heavy dose of weird and colorful characters to his work. His clients have included Mailchimp, TED, Southern Food Alliances, Nando's and more! Born with a rare syndrome called "Nager's Syndrome," Barry was interested in drawing as a way to escape a childhood full of surgeries and doctors visits. While the surgeries have stopped, the drawing stuck with Lee into a full fledged career being an artist. Not only does he dabble in different artistic mediums, he is also a writer & public speaker who has given talks for CreativeMornings and lectures at such universities as the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga on art & disability. Lee also hosts & produces a podcast called “Ripe Podcast.”

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